Why CoreLotStore.com:

Unfortunately, traditional methods of lot searching make lot shopping less than pleasant. What many lot shoppers do not realize is that a significant number of lots are not listed by lot sellers on MLS (multiple listing service). This means popular online real estate websites do not show these lots because these sites simply reference the active listings on your local MLS.

Conservative estimates suggest nearly HALF of all available lots are not actively listed on MLS. Lot sellers often rely on lot shoppers stumbling across their individual lots, neighborhoods, websites, or advertising efforts to find what is available. Even when found the lack of search uniformity makes the process confusing.

The reality is that more and more people are desiring to do their own research online privately. CoreLotStore.com was created to solve a specific, unique need in the building process – making lot shopping easier, faster, and comprehensive.

Like popular website tools such as Travelocity.com or Cars.com that provide a single-site solution with centralized shopper options, CoreLotStore.com focuses only on lots and land in a given market. Searches on CoreLotStore.com result in the most accurate and up to date information that is better than any other method previously available.

CoreLotStore.com has made this possible by utilizing advanced technology that pulls available lot information from multiple sources and then aggregates the lots into a single interactive map source. This applies to lots regardless if the lot is listed on the MLS or not. The result is an improved customer shopping experience that is unlike anything else.

Validating Your Lot Find:

There is a saying in real estate: "location, location, location". Most people search by the part of town where they desire to build. Through its advanced lot mapping CoreLotStore.com has made lot locating easier.

CoreLotStore.com, through its affiliates and associations, can also assist with several steps in the lot validation and building process. The following are just a few of the things that should be taken into consideration BEFORE purchasing a lot:

  • Lot Price comparison
  • Traffic
  • City services: sewer, water, gas, electric, cable
  • Service location
  • Who pays for what when closing?
  • Cost to construct
  • School boundaries
  • Sub-regional employment centers
  • What about that bare piece of land near or next to your lot find (office, commercial, industrial?)
  • Lot type: Walkout, garden, flat, back to front sloping, drainage
  • Covenants
  • Developer stability (what happens if they fail)
  • How to finance
    • Builder buys
    • Homeowner buys
      • cash
      • lot loan
      • construction loan
      • equity line of credit until ready for construction loan
      • Seller carry back
  • Will what you want to build fit?
  • How to design a home
    • Design independently
    • Design with chosen builder (who owns the plan)
    • Architect vs Draftsman
  • How to choose a builder
    • Builder finances build
    • Homeowner finances build
  • How to choose a Realtor for selling your departure residence
    • Sell before build (temporary housing solutions)
    • Sell during construction
    • Sell after build
    • Guaranteed buyout program

For more information please feel free to contact a CoreLotStore.com lot specialist.